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Our neighbourhood, MALPAIS

Zunya is located in Malpais, on the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. To come to Malpais is to come to the end of the road – a very long, very dusty road, which winds its way like a meandering river along the southern coast of the peninsula. Malpais sort of feels like you’ve reached the ends of the Earth.

Yoga with Karen Love

Wellness resident and yoga-art teacher, Karen Love shares her thoughts around her life projects and spiritual journey. After spending 4 years in the mountains of Peru, Karen relocated to Costa Rica to share her spiritual knowledge and follow her desire to learn the art of surf.

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Quiet interpretations of a life at Zunya - PILOT I

In the beginning there is nothing. Nothing is not just nothing, it is all. It is vibrant with all possibilities. It is potential, absolute potential. It is unmanifest yet, but it contains all. We wish to share with you throught this video our beginnings, our hopes, our lives, our works. Because there will be so much more.

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Co-creating "The seed" poem by Sophia

“The Seed” came to life through a process of co-creation, experimentation, and shared creativity. From personal experiences to a global perspective, this is the story of how our first poetic piece came to be.

A value, infinite courage

Courage does not mean you don’t feel fear. On the contrary, courage means you have learned to live alongside fear. You have embraced it, become aware of it, and have found a way to coexist with it inside you: honoring how it makes you feel, growing with how it challenges you, and flowing with the lessons it leaves behind.

A value, profound humbleness

All of our decisions and actions are regulated by the values we uphold. Values are the guiding light that remind us of what truly matters beyond the surface - they lead the way, they pave the path, and they provide the comfort we need to embark on a journey inwards.

Learning, living and being by Diego Dosal

While we are, ourselves, a single element of the universe, we are also part of a much larger collective. It is through co-existing - within ourselves and alongside others - that we are able to truly be present.

Meet our construction collaborators by Carlos Oberhauser

Far away from their homes in Mexico City, and traveling abroad for the first time in their life, our construction crew has brought new life to Zunya. From the way they’ve grown to their hopes for the future, this is their story.

New beginnings by Diego Dosal

As this ever-changing mystery we call life unfolds through our eternal present moment, we come to the realization that change is the only constant in this life; and, so, we learn how to let go of the things that don’t serve us.

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