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Regenerative restoration of Earth

In this article we journey through an understanding of what it means to be regenerative and why it is so imperative that we embody more of these traits. We take a look at Humanity and its relation to the web of life as well as Zūnya and its approach to this new way of being and relating to Earth.

A value, Eternal Gratitude

When we find thankful light within the depthful darkness, and remember the “obstacle” is merely a stepping stone, we are practicing the meditation of life.

Life in a Blue Zone: Where people live better for longer

In this article we explore the who, what, when, where, and why of the Nicoya blue zone. We touch on the history of the Nicoya peninsula and discover what makes this place one of the happiest and healthiest communities on Earth.

What it looks like to live in the moment with Diego Ortiz

We previously welcomed Diego Ortiz as a photographer resident. As a summary of this collaboration, Diego talks about passion, inspirations, and the evolutions of his work and practice.

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Yoga with Karen Love

Wellness resident and yoga-teachers Karen shares her thoughts around her life and spiritual journey.

Our neighbourhood, MALPAIS

Zunya is located in Malpais, on the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. To come to Malpais is to come to the end of the road – a very long, very dusty road, which winds its way like a meandering river along the southern coast of the peninsula. Malpais sort of feels like you’ve reached the ends of the Earth.

A value, Infinite Courage

It takes courage to do things differently; to move out of one’s own comfort zone. It takes courage to make changes, take action, and evolve. For us, as human beings, to move out of our collective comfort zone will take tremendous courage indeed. At Zūnya, we believe that the power of courage is infinite. We believe that this power resides within each and every one of us, and that it has no limits.

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Quiet interpretations of a life at Zunya - PILOT I

These snapshots of our reality at Zunya are the untold story that hides beneath the surface. It is a tale of co-creating something new, based upon the principles of communal living and shared experiences.

Co-creating "The seed" poem by Sophia

“The Seed” came to life through a process of co-creation, experimentation, and shared creativity. From personal experiences to a global perspective, this is the story of how our first poetic piece came to be.

Coming home to Zūnya

The feeling of arriving somewhere new is, in a way, a feeling of being born again. Your senses are reawakened, your mind is clear of memories associated with the space, your heart is open to everything new that will come and everything old that has been left behind. In this article, you will find the different ways to arrive to Zūnya.

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