Time for Regeneration


Zunya's transformative journeys are a product of the different expertise, passions, and ideals of each and every member of the team.

“It is said that excellence is the result of caring more than what others think to be wise, risking more than others consider to be safe, dreaming more than what’s practical for common people, and ultimately, expecting more than what is normally understood to be posible”

The time is Now, the moment when we embark in the process of Unlearning what we’ve been unconsciously reprogramed to think.

The process of letting go. Letting go of everything that we’ve been told, letting go of our own beliefs only to find our true inner selfs.

The process of going back into a state of being, because there is something inside of us that is burning, something is telling us that things are not right, that the world is in turmoil.

The challenges that we are facing are nothing but an invitation to ask our selfs the right questions.

An invitation to change our way of thinking, cause we can not continue living like this.

A time for regeneration of our selfs, others and nature.

By training our selves into learning how to see the divine presence in everything and in everyone, no exceptions we train our minds to recognize the interconnections that Build the fabric of our existence, Understanding that we are all ONE...

Zunya, the space where we remember who we are and why we are here...