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Singing workshop at Malpais school with Huaira
2 minute read

Words by Daniela Cruz and Huaira

Video and images by Carls Oberhauser

During the first days of January, we welcomed a group of artists as part of our monthly artistic residencies. Among them were Huaira, a singer, composer, and medicine woman from Ecuador, and Charles Michel, a food educator, activist, and cook.

As part of her residency, Huaira had the intention of somehow serving the local community. She had previously worked with other schools in different parts of the world through her singing workshops.She had the idea of inviting Charles Michel to share some of his knowledge and inspirational love with the kids. He had been working on a chocolate project and had delicious, super special chocolate, which he figured he could put to good use.

Our residents came together with a single intention—to be of service. Through a combination of sound and taste, they found a way to give back to the local community of Malpaís. Captures, a producer, multi-intrumentalist, and sensitive soul was also part of the residency program. He joined in as well with his guitar and sounds.

Together, they created a unique sensorial experience and shared it with the kids from Malpaís. That day we spent a few hours at the school with a group of kids from 10 to 13 years old, learning songs that celebrated life in water, songs that encourage our strength through difficulties, and tasting chocolate with lemon ants from the jungle!!It was so beautiful to see how the kids changed in just a few minutes. Their interactions and attention were open, and their eyes were closed as they followed the sounds and their own music coming from within.

We’ve been making efforts to get closer to the community and build bridges that generate trust and openness from both sides so that the local community can get to know us better and understand how and where we can contribute. We want to get stronger as a team, sharing the same land and the same purpose. 

We want to continue creating projects where we can nourish each other through art and nature....