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Zūnya’s waste management culture

Regeneration requires attention in several areas, yet in August 2021 we chose to start with waste due to the undeniable and painful problem that it represents in the region—the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Six months down the road, and having dug into the issue, I realize that the garbage crisis is a reflection (or an accurate metaphor) of how we deal with our own personal shadows: hiding them where nobody sees them, especially from ourselves.

Recycling in Malpaís, Santa Teresa, and the surroundings

This article aims to shine a light on the existing possibilities to recycle in Santa Teresa, Malpaís, and the region. Whether you own or work for a business or institution, or reside in the area, the solution—and the responsibility to care for our waste—applies to all of us.

S.O.S Cabo Blanco

On August 31st an Ecological disaster took place in the Absolute protected reserve of Cabo Blanco. According to the official version, a private boat navigating within the protected marine timezone of Cabo Blanco, was stranded against the rocks and sank during the early night of the 31st. Here is an outline on how we can help.

Regenerative restoration of Earth

In this article we journey through an understanding of what it means to be regenerative and why it is so imperative that we embody more of these traits. We take a look at Humanity and its relation to the web of life as well as Zūnya and its approach to this new way of being and relating to Earth.

Life in a Blue Zone: Where people live better for longer

In this article we explore the who, what, when, where, and why of the Nicoya blue zone. We touch on the history of the Nicoya peninsula and discover what makes this place one of the happiest and healthiest communities on Earth.

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