S.O.S Cabo Blanco
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Dear Community, 

On August 31st an Ecological disaster took place in the Absolute protected reserve of Cabo Blanco. 

According to the official version, a private boat navigating within the protected marine timezone of Cabo Blanco was stranded against the rocks and sank during the early night of the 31st. 

So far it has been declared as an “accident”. 

For those of you that are not aware, Cabo Blanco was officially named the first Absolute protected reserve of Costa Rica in 1963, an incredibly successful achievement. The first prototype of its type in Costa Rica, one that has led to the protection of more than 28% of the country's territory today. 


It is more than a monument to humanity's hope for a better future, it is an example of nature in search of its balance.

- Áreas Protegidas y Parques Nacionales de Costa Rica

The so-called “accident” has caused tremendous ecological damage to this monument, as well as exposed the fragilities of a community that is deeply disconnected.  A community that little by little has been losing the connection towards one another, and nature.

There is nothing more important than being connected as a community. It's our only possibility to protect and regenerate the very nature that has brought us here in the first place. History has proven that when there is a connection between the individuals, open communication, and the willingness to collaborate there are no challenges that are too big. 

The destination continues to grow, to attract more people from all over the world, and the community continues to segregate itself by focusing on the differences between one another, separating ourselves by religions, nationalities, passions, etc…

It's time to come together, set our differences aside, and focus on creating the conditions that can allow us to protect this beautiful place we all call home. 

Cabo Blanco is in a state of emergency and it requires our support, from each one of us. Let's use this tragic event as an opportunity to collaborate and reconnect with each other and with nature.


There are three ways in which you can help us:


1. Support as a volunteer - To help with the clean-up of more than 3 km of beachfront that has been heavily affected. 

There is huge waste that has to be carried and removed from areas of risk. 

There are thousands of fiberglass residue, polypropylene, polysilane debris that represent a huge risk for the ecosystem. 


2. Support financially through donations - The objective is to raise USD $10,000.00 to cover the cost of the heavy machinery that is required. 

There is an estimate of around  20 tons of waste scattered throughout the impacted area with bulldozers and trucks to take the waste out of the reserve 

All donations will be made through the ADI account for the administration and allocation of resources


Transferencia bancaria
Nombre : Asoc de Desa Inte de Mal Pais de Coba Punta
Cuenta Banco nacional : 200-01-191-003437-1
Cuenta Cliente : 15119120010034377
IBAN : CR30015119120010034377
Detalle : limpieza Cabo Blanco


3. Raise awareness - Spread the word of this emergency. 

There hasn't been any type of exposure in the media about this terrible incident.

There is poor involvement from the local community and/or local organizations. Let's make everyone aware!

Use your power through social media by sharing this article with your friends and tagging government organizations

Let's use this emergency as an opportunity to unite, as a community. We don't want our disconnection to become the catalyzing force of an ecological disaster or larger proportions as our home is being auctioned off the highest bidder.

It's time to come together, it's time to regenerate the way we live, it's time to start relating and connecting with each other. The time is now.

If not now, when? If not us, who?