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Our vision
A world inhabited by conscious beings connected through love and abundance.
Our purpose is to regenerate our way of being, as we realize our infinite potential. Our first mission is to co-create innovative living spaces for people to connect through transformational experiences.
Our pillars

Connection with ourselves
Connection with each other
Connection with Nature

Our virtues

All our decisions and actions are regulated by the virtues we uphold. Virtues are the guiding light that remind us of what truly matters beyond the surface - they lead the way. They pave the path, and they provide the comfort we need to embark on a journey inwards. We aim to be in constant alignment with our personal virtues through a process of relearning and re-shaping our own reality.

Radical Honesty
Profound Humbleness
Eternal Gratitude
Infinite Courage
Existential Flexibility

Perpetual Actions

Zunya co-creators wrote the Ten Perpetual Actions as guidelines for the newly-formed collective. They were crafted not as a dictate of how people should be and act, but as a reflection of the collective's intentions to embrace the present future as we move forward.

Active regeneration

We must be ready to embark on a restorative process of the “self”, others and the environment. Regrowth will come as we work to mend what’s been broken within, and balance will be reinstituted when we give back and repurpose what we’ve taken. This constant cycle is what gives us life, and what we give to life.

Active inclusion

Everyone is welcome to become a part of our community at Zunya. We welcome and respect every human.

Active willingness

A conscious disposition and acceptance for change. The profound enthusiasm to engage with joy in the restorative process of our mind, body, soul, and the nature that surrounds us.

Active participation

At Zunya everyone should be willing to do the work for yourself and for others. We achieve being through doing.

Active respect

We respect every member as an equal, and value their unique contributions towards the common good of the collective.

Active progression

We are all in a continuous state of development that moves us closer to a more advanced state of being. The only constant is change, and the only way is through.

Active Love

As a family, we must all support and encourage one another. In love, there is growth. In love, we find ourselves; In love, we find freedom. Love is the driving force of this universe.

Active self-expression

Self-expression is the most powerful tool to share our innermost gifts as an individual or as a collective. Any form of self-expression should respect the rights and liberties of others and nature.

Active co-creation

Working together as one will make us whole. It is through collaboration that we will find the collective strength to Co-Create a better world for the benefit of all.

Active Trust

Accepting everything that is and that is not, by embracing the challenges and accepting the blessings with an open heart.