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Friday, 31st Dec
A New Years Eve Experience | El Mar y la Jungla
With the sea breeze and the jungle as our companions, we will dance, sing, nourish our bodies, and surrender to the flow of nature. A magical and memorable turn of the year.
The event


With the crashing of the waves and the sounds of the jungle as our witnesses, we're embarking on a memorable journey together to cross the threshold of the new year uniting our breaths. Delicious foods nourishing our souls and the fertile soil underneath our feet supporting the movement of our bodies as we dance away in celebration of this special occasion. 

Your experience for the night is a story told in 4 parts:


Ch1: The Send-Off  4-6PM

We’ll begin our celebration with an early sunset experience. Gathered on a secluded beach, surrounded by the rocks and the sea, we will bid farewell to the last sun rays of the year with a simple yet powerful ceremony. This is our chance to be grateful for all that we’ve received, surrounded by friends, music, and elixirs prepared especially for the occasion. Our resident photographers, Hauser and Diego Ortiz from Mexico, will be there to capture the magic and make sure this occasion lasts a lifetime.


Ch2: The Secret Gathering 6-8PM

As the night sets in, we will gather in a secret jungle spot for a delicious feast, carefully crafted by our very own Nula Restaurant. Each course will bring us closer together as we share our impressions of the year that has passed and indulge in our favorite plant-based dishes. The space will be alive with music, magic, and an opportunity for everyone to share poems, stories, or anything that comes from the heart.


Ch3: Awakening Our Senses 8-10PM

Dessert will bring an explosion of flavors, textures, temperatures, and colors to activate our senses for the coming transition. Each bite will guide us deeper into the sounds and smells of the surrounding jungle, into the beating heart of the forest. As we become fully awake and present, dancer and performer Sarah Nevada Grether from Berlin will invite us to join our next chapter.


Ch4: Turning the Page 10-1AM

We will welcome the new year with our hearts beating as one, the roaring fire and the stars above witnessing our deepest intentions and desires. A fantastic sonic ceremony led by resident musicians coming from Ecuador and USA, Huaira & Captures, will invite us to sing, move, celebrate, and watch the magic of a new cycle unfold. It will be a night to remember.


Don’t forget to dress up! See here for references.

The artists


Huaira is an Ecuadorian singer with more than 1M listens on Spotify. She has collaborated with multiple artists, including Nicola Cruz, El Búho, and Rodrigo Gallardo. Her music is rooted in nature and the investigation of ancient knowledge, songs, and ceremonies of native cultures, creating an organic sound combined with lyrics that serve as sacred medicine. Huaira proposes a fusion between Andean, Afro, Creole, and electronic sounds.


Captures is a music producer and live performance artist from Berlin. He creates atmospheres using loops and different samples from traditional shamanic music, as well as sounds from modern guitars, synths, and drums.


Sarah Nevada Grether is an American Berlin-based actress, dancer, and choreographer. Studying in between the USA and Germany, she was engaged as a solo and group dancer at the Stuttgart Ballet. As a founding  artist and co-creator of the immersive lifestyle theater company, "Salon K Experience" was implemented in Berlin in 2009. Her choreographic and directorial work involves fusing multi-facilitated performative mediums, storytelling, research in communication, and a political exploration of body/mind connectivity with the science and importance behind human encounter and interaction. 


Karla Blokeschova & Abner José López Gutiérrez, our talented chefs behind Nula Plant-Based Kitchen, are the creative minds in charge of our culinary experience for the night. Their unique recipes unlock a new concept of plant-based cuisine, rich in flavours and textures, and surprising to every palate they touch. 


Diego Ortiz, our photographer in residency from Mexico, is looking to create content around nature and meaningful connections, and in which people can see the true nature of what we can experience in this new way of life.


Friday, 31st Dec
4:00 PM to 1:00 AM


2.5 km south from Playa Carmen-Mal Pais intersection
400 meters south from Indigo Hotel
Mal Pais, 60111
Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica