Transitions II by Zūnya
A morning program to learn the Compass of Life
February 19 - 27 2023 | Malpais, Costa Rica
You are so much more than what you've learned through years of domestication. Now, the question remains: Are you ready to transition towards a more sovereign and natural way of being? Or do you want to remain at the expense of all these limitations that have been imposed upon you?
The overview

There is a transcendental shift happening within the extreme polarities that coexist between the ancestral sacred wisdom –– one that is reemerging from the cracks of modern civilization –– and the structures that hold the current state of human society. 

The Wisdom that gave birth to the origins of civilization as we know it is going through a process of decentralization –– meaning it is becoming more accessible, simplified, and attainable for all.

There has also been a tremendous degradation of our concept of progress and the version of civilization that has manifested from it. Today, we are all too encompassed by the artificial needs that have flooded our lives, and all of the synthetic replacements we’ve found to replace everything that is truly valuable in life. 

We see everything as disposable, expendable, and replaceable –– which means there is a shortage of all the simple things and intimate moments that make life so incredibly precious. 

There are mayor things at play here, and we are all part of this shift that is taking place within the arena of this majestic “Infinite Game” we call life. 

There are two ways to approach this beautiful process: either with an open heart and mind –– as you develop and integrate the tools of wisdom that will allow you to respond and navigate with more grace through the challenges ahead –– or by becoming defenseless and getting carried away by the currents of external forces which you cannot control. 

Transitions is an immersive experience that will allow you to become more aware and, as the name implies, immerse yourself in an eye-opening process of realization. 

Awareness is first step towards reclaiming your sovereignty as an individual: it allows you to stop pretending to be free, when in reality you live within the boundaries of  the domestication that's been imposed upon you. 

Awareness encourages you to become an active participant in the regeneration of your way of being. It inspires you to regain ownership over your own life, as you embrace the prospect of learning how to play with the boundaries of what is truly possible.

To understand the forces that are in play both within and without you, will embark you on a journey that will open up infinite possibilities… 

The program

Monday to Friday from 5:00am to 9:45am

Saturday from 3.30 pm ‘til Sunday at 5.30 pm


Day 1 -    Intro / Why are you here?

Day 2 -    The Art of Connection 

Day 3 -    The Art of Duality & compass of Life

Day 4 -    The Power of Word & Mind

Day 5 -    The Cycles & the Sphinxess 

Day 6 -    The Rite of Passage, an ancestral practice that will allow you to discover where you limits are not

The Tools

. Meditation

. Journaling

. Actualization

. Breathwork

. Deep questioning and connection

. Step out of your comfort zone

. Challenges from the subtle and into the dense

. Loving kindness, empathy and compassion 


You will be tested and invited to transcend your own limitations...
Your facilitator

The week is led by Diego Dosal. One of the co-founders of Zūnya, Diego is one of the visionaries behind the development of this Regenerative Living Method. He is also in the constant quest of being his most true,  honest and authentic self.  He is in love and deeply committed to his family, husband of Karlita and father of Lukai. 

Currently delving into the process of conscious fatherhood, learning how to be of service to his family as he accepts  the challenges that come with such responsibility by discovering  ways to bring all his acquired wisdom and personal practice into the intersection of parenting while trying to find the balance and focus his attention with intention to raise a conscious child. 

Diego now dedicates his time and energy to the creation of a new way of life by hosting workshops and experiences that revolve around the creation of  a more harmonious way of being in a spiritual, economical, environmental and social way.

Included in your stay

. Accommodation for 8 nights

. Daily plant-based breakfast at Nula Kitchen

. The full Transition programming 

. A one-on-one integration session with Diego Dosal

. Unlimited access to the Zūnya Weekly Schedule

. Access to kayaks and paddling boards

* Starting price for a single room is $2,203 and $3,182 for two people . 
About Zūnya

You will be immersed in a 33 hectares untouched jungle sanctuary. Zūnya is hidden away from prying eyes in the town of Malpais, a secluded spot on the southern tip of the Peninsula of Nicoya, the region is one of only five blue zones in the world. Malpais prides itself on its amazing surf and for its decadent mix of unspoiled beaches, private coves, waterfalls, and dense rainforests. The town of Malpais is the perfect hideaway, for those looking to discover an authentic Costa Rica. 

Zūnya is a growing regenerative system, a 2.0 version of an ecovillage, using tools such as arts, science, technology, sustainability, and spirituality to enhance our way of living, as we reconnect with nature, ourselves and each other. You will join a collective of individuals from various backgrounds and origins in the process of co-creating a new way of life. Your visit is an invitation to join the family and embark on this journey.

Frequently asked questions

What are the current entry requirements to Costa Rica? 

As the requirements are in constant evolution due to Covid-19, we invite you to visit the official website of the Costa Rica Tourism Board for up-to-date information.


How do I get to Zūnya from the San José and Liberia International Airports? 

There are several options to help you get to Zūnya which you can find on our paper.


What should I bring to Zūnya for my stay?

Please visit our Informative Booklet for more information on what to bring during your visit.


Do you have a working area with a strong Wi-Fi connection (and how fast is it)?

Yes, we have a new space called El Núcleo, which offers access to fiber-optic internet, desks, and plugs located right on the beach.


Is the week family-friendly? 

The Transition experience is for adults only. However, Zūnya is a kid-friendly place so you can come with them. You will just need to find someone to watch over them during the activities of the journey.