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The creative residency at Zūnya invites you to immerse yourself in the wilderness of nature, pushing the boundaries of what is possible while co-creating, experimenting and experiencing the gift of life.

Join us in this collaborative journey as we discover new ways to better appreciate the amazing perfection that unfolds all around us.

The program works through application only. Candidates are selected based on the quality of their creative production and their interest in generating activities or projects that unleash social benefit and development.

*There is already a yoga program on site. Therefore, we are not accepting yoga residency applications at the moment.


• Literature: Writing
• Performing Arts: Music, Dance, Performance, Theater, Puppetry, etc
• Visual Arts: Drawing, Mixed-Media, Photography, Film/Video, etc
• Humanities and Social Sciences: Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology, etc
• Natural Sciences: Ecology, Hydrology, Biology, Geology, etc
• Wisdom Keepers: Ceremonies, Rituals, Ancient knowledge
• Environment: Regeneration, Sustainability, Climate education
• Culinary Arts: Veganism, Nutrition, Physiology, Practices, History

1-Week Residency

Our short-term residents will help us co-create a week filled with art and learning opportunities for our community. During your stay, we’ll be able to learn about your creative process and collaborate in the creation of activities that fuse your work with local materials and other aspects of collective knowledge.

Length of stay: 6 nights
Offer: Complimentary accommodation as well as daily breakfast and lunch. You’ll also receive access to all activities of the programming during your stay. This is valid for one person only.

3-Week Residency

Our long-term residents use Zunya as a laboratory for their creative process while engaging with the local community. The residency provides artists with the ability to create in an environment free from traditional expectations and in close relation to nature, unlocking the potential for new work to emerge. Group activities such as discussions, screenings, workshops, yoga and meditation classes, and guided walks and field trips to nearby natural areas are often organized, depending on peoples’ interests.

Length of stay: 21 nights
Offer: $1,680 for 21 nights in a queen bedroom. This includes daily breakfast, lunch, and access to all activities of the programming during your stay. This is valid for one person only.