Chapter 1: ALCHEMY, The Art of Rewiring
December 22 2023 - January 22 2024 | Mal Pais, Costa Rica
Prepare yourself to immerse into a journey of holistic celebrations like never seen before...

A series of events that will leave you in AWE


Breathe art.

Become music.

Sing from your anahata.

Move in consciousness.

Align body, mind and energies to craft your own destiny.

Bring your youngest ones as we welcome their energy.


Symbolize the solstice as “the beginning of your year ́s end” 

Spend some time in you, within you and for you.

Embrace 2023's last full moon igniting your magical creativity 

while “like-heart-minded” beings, through their masteries and arts, 

open gateways to an expanding, positive vibration, transformative, art experience.






Letting go of the past, but learning from it. 

Becoming the present you want to offer you, 

As we all integrate in an honest and holistic way

new teachings of this gift of experience we call life.


An alcohol, chemicals & low vibrations free journey,

bringing “organic wizardry alchemies”,

Godly foods that will become you,

uniquely crafted tonics & natural medicines,

irradiate the “ĀTMĀN øf the SØL” within you.


Inviting all the arts, music, movement, yoga, dance, circus, kids, craftmanships, foods and conscious local costa rican community to rise on this spiral of collective energy,

Let's be one. Honor  “In-Lakech Hala-Ken”  at the sacred fire.

Where West meets East, North meets South & Earth meets the Sky, 

as their Elders and Wisdom Keepers offer

“un Rezo de Corazón”.

prayers to the condor-eagle prophecy

as “ the Søl and Møøn" become one..

The healers
The artists
The events concepts

Sacred Omen: Every Mondays is a gateway to the sacred mysteries of existence. We explore ancient wisdom and the profound meanings hidden within omens. It's an opportunity to connect with the unseen forces that guide our lives, unlocking the deeper layers of our being.

Heal(in): Every Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to healing and restoration. In these moments, you delve into the depths of your inner self, aligning your body, mind, and energies. It's a journey toward inner peace, vitality, and well-being.

Ceremøønya: Every Wednesdays are a portal to the world of ceremonial magic. Here, you participate in rituals and celebrations that invoke a sense of wonder and sacredness. It's a day where the mundane is transformed into the extraordinary.

Noches de Autor: Every Fridays ignite the creative spark within you. It's a celebration of artistic expression, a night filled with soul-stirring music and unique creations. Here, your inner artist finds a canvas for profound self-expression.

Special Heal(in): Every Saturdays offer a profound journey of transformation and healing, guided by experts and masters of their craft. It's a day to explore the uncharted territories of your soul, awakening your true potential.

Ãmøelsøl: Discover your inner artist in a vibrant blend of circus, market, art fair, and performance, where the soul's core meets boundless creativity. 


*Full schedule to be announced soon

The tickets

Monthly program pass: all access to basic programming (workshops, talks, classes)

Tickets will be released soon


Opening Ceremony: Circle, Dinner & Sound Healing | Dec 22 - 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Tickets & more info


Christmas: Dinner & concert | Dec 24 - 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Tickets will be released soon


Sacred Omen: Christmas Day - Special Kids Celebration| Dec 25 - 9:00 AM

Tickets will be released soon


Ceremøønya with AWARĖ: A Night of Alchemy & Music Under the Moonlight | Dec 27 - 5:30 PM to 12:00 AM

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Noches de Autor with PORANGUI: Concert & dinner | Dec 29 - 5:30 PM to 12:00 AM

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AmøelSøl - NYE Celebration: Rainbow The Future | Dec 31 - 5:00 PM onward

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— Breakfast at Zūnya

— Access to Daily Programming

— Concerts & Celebrations


Not included: 

— Lunch & Dinner 

— NYE & Special Events

— Exclusive Sessions





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