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Sunday, 14th Jan
AMØELSØL invites you on 14.01.2024 to a fall day of magic and music

Enjoy full day of activities, live music, delicious farm-to-table food, and a magical night of fun! From sunset, we'll have alchemy with plants, cool bio-hacking, circus, live art, and AI experiences.

Tasty Local Food
Savor fresh, local flavors with our farm-to-table treats.

Feel Good with Plants and Bio-Hacking
Discover wellness with plant alchemy and the latest in bio-hacking.

Circus, Art, and Tech Fun
Be amazed by a circus, watch live art, and dive into cool AI stuff.

*Included in Premium Packages

About the artists


Rodrigo Gallardo
Rodrigo Gallardo began his career as a musician among charangos and zampoñas melodies. After going through many musical paths he came to form “Matanza”, in these years he developed a sound in his compositions loaded with influences from folklore and electronic music, as well as the new Chilean song. His career as a soloist stands out for focusing on ancestral rhythms and sounds. He has performed several versions of traditional Latin American songs and has also collaborated with various artists.

Is a Mestiza woman from Quito, Ecuador. She is a mother, vision-quester, sun-dancer, singer, musician, and multi-disciplinary artist. Her first musical teachings come from a school of jazz, latin-jazz, and world fusion music she has seamlessly integrated into her performance and creative process. Along her path, she has discovered a deep calling to the research of ancient knowledge, chants, and ceremonies from native cultures, which has developed into a 9 year long relationship with master plants, and a new path devoted to healing modalities and sacred ceremonial teachings.

Wonderwheel Recordings | Earthly Measures | Urban Cosmonaut Radio | NUMA | Resueño | With over a decade of international acoustic music experience behind him, Captures is a cross-discipline artist who combines his own electronic music productions with live instrumental performance. Using found sound, synthetic, live, and organic textures, Captures creates a blend of sonic experiences from the studios and dance-floors of Berlin to creative spaces Worldwide. Influenced by styles ranging from down-beat, trip-hop, deep house, ambient, and ceremonial music, Captures invites more than just the music itself, but a deeper look into the bridge between performance, vibration, spirit, and process.


Sunday, 14th Jan
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM


2.5 km south from Playa Carmen-Mal Pais intersection
400 meters south from Indigo Hotel
Mal Pais, 60111
Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica