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Artist in residency - Lucas Jaramillo
1 minute read

Text by: Lucas Jaramillo 

Video by: Carlos Oberhauser

Our artist in residency, Lucas, co-created the Temple of No Time as a place for contemplation where the construct of time does not exist - everything is endless. Located on the beach of Zūnya, the Temple is free for anyone to visit and spend an eternal moment releasing the child within. 

In the below video, you will learn and observe the process of co-creation that Lucas engaged in during a week of residency to create this unique piece of Art.

"Spaces of no time, spaces where only the present is experienced, where balance and equilibrium are sought neither here nor further beyond. A fractal structure made of suspended stones that create a void, a void that generates a space, a portal through which we can enter into a dialogue with the universe. Portals to another level of reality, to places of Illumination, transformation, and communication. Active symbiotic spaces that awaken a state of perception and activate the ability to create alchemy…."