Pura Vida Festival Retreat
An experience for personal wellbeing, collective awakening and planetary regeneration
February 4 - 6 2022 | Malpais, Costa Rica

We are excited to invite you to Pura Vida Festival Retreat an experience - curated by the Pura Vida Festival team from Berlin - for personal wellbeing, collective awakening and planetary regeneration.

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s notion of the hero’s journey, join us to explore the inner landscapes of your personal myth, your unique gifts and potentials, and how to share them with the world.

Join us for a Life Changing Experience: 

⇎ Transformational Workshop Journey 

⇎ Yoga, Meditation & Movement Arts 

⇎ Live Music & Sound Healing 

⇎ Conscious Celebration, Cacao Ceremony & DJ Sets 

⇎ Healing Area, Plant based Food and Sustainable Merchandise

⇎ Loving & Supportive Community

Please note that our room reservations do not include the ticket to the festival. To book your tickets please visit: https://www.puravida-festival.com