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Wednesday, 3rd Jan
An enchanting evening featuring the ethereal sounds of APE CHIMBA and the mystical revelations of SPECIAL ALCHEMY by Rodo Escalante.


APE CHIMBA: Paisajes del Alma An invitation to delve into the depths of our internal space awaits you with APE CHIMBA's enchanting project, Paisajes del Alma. This living organism is a collective exploration, guiding you through a design of shared experiences. Join us on Wednesday as we practice presence, encounter our essence, and touch the unity that binds us. A journey of deep reflection, meditation, expression, healing, and celebration, all aimed at reaching a state of unity in diversity. Let's open the curtain of consciousness together and contemplate the landscapes of the soul in an atmosphere of respect, union, and joy. 

SPECIAL ALCHEMY by Rodo Escalante Experience the transformative power of Rodo Escalante's Special Alchemy. Rodo's journey, shaped by a diagnosis of ADD, dyslexia, chronic depression, and high-level anxiety, led him on an alternative path to self-discovery. Through deep meditation, Gurumuki, Mala, and Pranayama techniques, Rodo mastered the art of navigating the mind. As a professional deep diver, he co-founded the Alchemy Movement and Deep Dive Within Methodology, sharing insights on accessing altered states and rewiring mental illnesses.

Join us on Wednesdays for CEREMØØNYA a concept that echoes the depths of his transformative journey. 

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Wednesday, 3rd Jan
5:00 PM to 10:00 PM


2.5 km south from Playa Carmen-Mal Pais intersection
400 meters south from Indigo Hotel
Mal Pais, 60111
Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica