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Monday, 22nd Jan
Our sessions bring together a diverse array of skilled healers, teachers, and practitioners, each offering personalized 1:1 experiences tailored to your unique needs.

Our sessions bring together a diverse array of skilled healers, teachers, and practitioners, each offering personalized 1:1 experiences tailored to your unique needs. Your path to holistic wellness begins here.

After you've completed your 1:1 session purchase, a member of our team will reach out to schedule a day and time that suits you best. 

Angelina Ataide


Angelina was born in Portugal and since an early age has been traveling around the world, living in several Comunities. When she was 30 years old , Angelina created her first Healing Center in the Algarve , Portugal , Monte Mariposa . After 10 years to live there she had a dream that changed her life and moved to Bahia in Brasíl where she found the place of her dream , Piracanga and created the 2nd Healing center , an Ecovilla , the Inkiri Community , a Free School for small children and a Free University ! She created the Aura Reading School in Brasíl , Portugal and Argentina ! She always travels a lot , learning , teaching and supporting people in their healing process . 4 years ago she moved into Alto Paraíso where she cheated the 3rd Healing Center and a small Community of healers and teachers . Since she is 18 years old she has walked the Path of Dreams and she inspires many people to create and live their dreams. Available for bookings Dec 22 to Jan 16.

Anja Koch

Physiotherapist and alternative practitioner with a focus on osteopathy (both since 1994)



Balam is a spiritual adventurer at heart and a cosmic nomad. Over the last 25 years, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge about various Mexican and Mesoamerican cultures, deliving into their histories, traditions, and ancient wisdom. Balam embodies a nehumanist perspective, celebrating his passion for nature, anthropology, holistic living, movement diciplines, and the fine arts. He is constantly exploring and innovating, creating novel technologies for human development that blend science, art, and spirituality, all with the aim of awakening and elevating individual and collective Counciousness. Available for bookings Dec 22 to Jan 22.

Claudia Gallo


Each of Claudia’s classes is creative and sometimes challenging yet always very grounding. She pays special attention to proper alignment, and her cues are clear for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Claudia will always make you feel comfortable, at ease, and inspired by her down-to-earth personality. Her classes flow gracefully, and her voice nurtures you to places deep within. Available for bookings Dec 20-27 & Jan 5-15

Ellanah Marina


Ellanah first discovered Yoga as a teenager. It was later when she began her studies of Anthropology at the London School of Economics that it became a fundamental part of her life. Yoga was a catalyst in transforming her lived experience from disconnection to connection and igniting a deep passion for exploring how we can live deeper from the Heart and deeper in harmony with the natural world that we are an inseparable part of. Her devotion to Yoga has taken her around the world learning from different teachers and lineages, exploring the common thread of Unity that pulses at the heart of all teachings. She is devoted to sharing all that she does from a place of reverence and remembrance of the sacredness and mystical wisdom of our internal landscape and beyond. Available for bookings Dec 22 to Jan 22.

Elya Hasson

Of Turkish and French Auvergne’s mountains origin, Elya Hasson, is the founder of Idohealing.com with more than twenty years of experience in the United States and in France, is one of the pioneering women in E-commerce, CEO digital of Carrefour, Etam and her own startups and Healing. Committed to the positive evolution of society and planet, combining economic success and respect for the environment, Elya is a pioneer in "conscious capitalism" and sits on the board of directors of various organizations, including  Labelium.com, Positive Planet and previously of Science and Non-duality and Conscious Capitalism L.A. chapter. She is certified in Regenerative systems by Axa climate and is an advocate of revealing the power nature, within and on earth.

Francesca Bondi


Francesca is a holistic operator. She has always been fascinated by the world and have always wanted to travel, to meet and immerse herself in different cultures. From here the desire to understand more was born in her deep. Thanks to this passion she started studying Reiki, Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga that helped her discover herself, in an indissoluble union between soul, body and mind. All this helped her find the right energy to express herself in the world, remembering herself that we are constantly evolving and that what is important is not the destination, but the path that will take you there.

Francisco Teixeira (MuLabs)

As a neurofeedback practitioner, I tailor sessions to each guest's needs, integrating this technology with other wellness activities. This holistic approach not only enriches their resort experience but also boosts overall mental well-being, leaving guests revitalized and mentally sharper.

Hana Celeste

Nature and Healing lover with a real passion to create, connect and serve.

My name is Hana Celeste, French born and Mexican Jungle resident. Yoga teacher, French Naturopathy student, and motivated in life by conscious ways of consuming. I like to see my everyday life full filled by handmade, with natural products, and especially colorful in all dimensions, created from the heart to nourish souls.
Base on an holistic and a humanistic vision, I consider myself as a bridge between natural, ethical and colorful life options for deep inner work seekers.


I’m a mestiza woman from Ecuador who is finding her roots in the relationship to life. I’m a mama of 2 teenagers. Beyond my skin color or the family I was born in I recognize myself as an indigenous woman. Daughter of this sun and this earth! Related to all. Im a vision quester and sun dancer, walking the path sheltered by the Itzachilatlan Sacred Fire familia. i’m part of the collective “Mujeres de Luna, (chants, knowledge and wisdom)” With whom I have learned the healing power of singing in a sisterhood, the strength of a drum where all our beats unite in the same intention. Music has been a deep companion and teacher in my life. From jazz school to medicine circles my voice has become my an intuitive guide and that guides me to open up my vessel and channel what has been beating al along. Singing in this lifetime is my gift to share in this world! And I enjoy sharing this possibility in all of us!

Jana Jung

I passionately explore nature's healing wonders through herbalism, naturopathy, and iridology. Overcoming personal health challenges fueled my lifelong commitment to understanding the interplay of mind, body, and soul. Instead of just prescribing remedies, I focus on revealing the connection between individuals and their body's inherent wisdom. Let me gently guide you to rediscover your own healing potential.



As a facilitator, I am dedicated to helping people who come to my sessions enhance their spiritual growth and personal development by activating the life force energy - Kundalini - through energetic transmission. With extensive training and experience, I have helped many people access their inner potential and activate their Kundalini energy. I am committed to creating a safe, supportive, and transformative space for my clients. Available for bookings from Dec 22 - Jan 2nd.

Rafa Chaman


An artful creator, passionate explorer of the inner and outer realms of existance, a practitioner of Yoga and the universal wisdom that leads to the expansion of Consciousness. He has travelled the world extensively as a student and as an inspirational teacher. His classes are Heart oriented, Spiritually inspiring and grounded in a deep understanding of inner and outer alignment. Available for bookings Dec 22 to Jan 22.

Sara Nory


Born in Iran and raised in Sweden, she began her spiritual explorations in her early 20’s upon arriving in New York. Through studies of Buddhism, past life regression, hypnotherapy and traditional Kundalini Yoga + meditation she is now committed to be in service. Available for bookings Dec 22 - Jan 22 Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat. 

Yeva Don


Yeva Don shares Self Alchemy technology, using a flowing experience of Kundalini Yoga, Qi-Gong, breathing and sound science exercises with Buddhist, Vedic and Tantric meditations.  Available for bookings Dec 22 - Jan 15.


Monday, 22nd Jan
5:00 PM to 5:00 PM


2.5 km south from Playa Carmen-Mal Pais intersection
400 meters south from Indigo Hotel
Mal Pais, 60111
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