Quantum Immersions by Juan de la Luz
Find the Light within
August 12 - 19 2023 | Malpais, Costa Rica

Master Juan de la Luz takes you on a journey through the multidimensionality to find the path of healing each being needs to travel in order to access their gifts and purpose in life. 

Through quantum immersions you begin to be in contact with the Light Beings to see with clarity unconscious memories, DNA codes that are to be decoded and re-coded, and past life cycles which need to be closed in order to continue with spiritual evolution. 

Join us for this transformative healing immersion with a collective of beings willing to live as channels of light, and in this way find who you truly are and why you are here in this three-dimensional plane.


To learn more about the Juan de la Luz visit directly: https://www.juandelaluz.org/