February 21 - 25 2023 | Malpais, Costa Rica

A challenger brand in the wellness space developing a Punk Mindfulness platform. 

A realistic, multi sensory app platform redefining the future of wellbeing by designing better humans that can thrive in a tech-saturated world. 

An app, a tool, a community. 

A subculture lifestyle and wellness brand that was born out of a frustration with the current wellness market climate. Our brand combines Scent + Sound + Philosophy and Breath work to help people feel more in control, emotionally resilient and can navigate better through global chaos. 

Built from a team of expert olfactive perfumers, philosophers, breath work revolutionaries, creatives and music artists. 

Our app content is a fusion of critical sonic storytelling to deliver thought provoking meditations and sonic experiments, aimed at accompanying our tribe during relatable states of being. 



MuLabs is an emerging Portuguese company that links brain technology with concept design, user centered approach, creative technologies, prototyping and business innovation. This collective is the integration of a new trans disciplinary field of research in mental-health, media and neurotechnology named "brain transmedia interaction".

Our core paradigm is the Neurofeedback model of accessing and processing the brain information in real-time and feeding it into a digital or physical interface so the user can have access to its own brain data, learn with it, modulate it and even monetize with it.

We usually work as a transversal group in collaborative projects in the field of the arts, design, education, clinical/wellbeing, consultancy and biodata. All areas that somehow need consultancy, validation or R&D in the sector of neurotechnology, biometrics and blockchain.

After these collaborations the outcomes are usually: market-ready products; prototypes; concepts for tools, methodologies or ideas; performances; installations; further co-labs and events.

We use art to communicate our vision and technology to support our mission: to improve mental-health and promote transformation

The Voxel Cube

The VOXEL Cube is an installation which brings human physiology and psychology to life in a digitally immersive experience, housed in the metaverse. Using artistic rendering of biometric data combined with movement and brain data, the human inner world is expressed and experienced in novel ways.

The Voxel Cube can be used as an installation, art performance and interactive transformational experience at the same time.

A voxel is a computer modeling concept that describes the representation of volume in a graphic simulation. The team brings together multifaceted expertise to open new worlds of possibility in expressing the interplay between multi-sensory technology, techno-shamanic healing and environmentally conscious artistic expression, as we enter the age of the Anthropocene.

Meet the team

Francisco Marques Teixeira (Neuroscientist)

Rodo (Breathwork Therapist)

Vandana (Movement and Yoga Specialist)

Mulabs Tech

Keelan Doyle (Musician/ DJ)

Nick Sarafa (AI Expert)

David Negrão (Visual Artist)

The Schedule

Day 1: Meditation day - (Feb 21st)

Emotional Resilience & Burnout Avoidance 

2pm-3pm Neuroscience Talk: Neuroscience of Creativity and Movement & Dance Performance 

7pm - 8pm Xico AI IMAGINARY meditation Performance. 


Day 2: Breath day - (Feb 22nd)

Death Literacy 

Deep Hole 2pm-3pm Neuroscience Talk: Neuroscience of Breathwork & Breathwork Interactive Performance 

7pm - 9pm Rodo DEEP Hole Breathwork Performance. 


Day 3: Movement day (Feb 23rd)

Creative Block 

The fear of Imperfection 2 pm-3 pm Neuroscience Talk: Neuroscience of Meditation and Scent & Meditation Interactive Performance 

7pm - 9pm Vandana Art I Movement Performance & Workshop 


Day 4: Sound day (Feb 24th)

Lose yourself. Find yourself . Tapping into your true self

2pm-3pm Neuroscience Talk: Neuroscience of Sound & DJ Performance 

7pm - 10pm MEDITATION to MOVEMENT: Reflective inner thoughts (inwards) to Ecstatic dance (outwards) 


Sensory Tuning (during the day, before the performances) 

A passive listening experience  that guests can visit during certain hours of the day to relax and interact with the Voxel Cube, chillout and reflect or invigorate and energies. We will supply a bespoke playlist of Øthers functional soundscapes paired with scent that runs in intervals, i.e morning and noon for 1 hour at a time.  

Eco-Empathy (during the night after the performances) :

Fixed installation to listen and observe the pLants and Fungi in command.

- Generative Audio scapes are created in real time by the plant and fungi 

- Generative Visuals are created by the plants and fungi signals plus the environment data