Kids Camp by L.I.F.E
A 1-3 week camp designed for families to live life in a healthier, happier, and more conscious way.
July 16 - August 5 2023 | Malpais, Costa Rica

We are excited to announce Zūnya’s second co-creation with the school L.I.F.E (love intelligence for evolution) for a 3-week summer camp designed for families to come learn, grow, play and make long-lasting memories in nature.

As our kids learn more about themselves, their emotions and the world, we acknowledge the importance of upgrading with them. This year we'll have a program also for adults to understand how to guide them better 

* The program age is between 4-and 11 years old, but let us know if your children are not within this range!  We are considering extending this year to toddlers so more families can join.
About L.I.F.E

A new educational community based on the premise of BEING before KNOWING, L.I.F.E. seeks to sow seeds of awareness, love, and wisdom in both Spanish and English-speaking children, parents, and teachers. 

L.I.F.E. focuses on shifting the old model of doing + having = being to one of being + doing = having

L.I.F.E educational model is based on the premise that there is no greater teacher than LIFE itself, that is why we simply promote and present the right circumstances, spaces, material and sources of inspiration, through which students can learn via direct experience and acquire expansive knowledge and true wisdom, creating profound emotional engagement in the process of learning, a process that will be completely based on the interests and aptitudes of each particular student. 

Paola Beléndez, Co-founder of L.I.F.E. has a career of more than 15 years of experience in human development and spirituality issues. She is also author of the book Volar Despierta, and a mother of three little ones. Since the birth of her first child 6 years ago, she has dedicated herself to transforming educational paradigms that allow children to grow and develop from their unlimited potential.

The program

A  4.5-hour curated program from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM for kids running Monday - Friday:


. Bonfires and music

. Nature exploration

. Treasure hunts

. Art and emotions

. Empowerment quests

. Love intelligence dynamics

. Team work building

. Magic of perception workshop

. Storytelling


* Adults will have some activities during the week and we highly encourage to participate as much as possible in this. We will also give you time rest and enjoy some alone time.

For local families, please reach out to us for our program-only package.

L.I.F.E's Values










Self expression



Included in your stay

. 7 nights accommodation for 2 adults and 1 kid (Sunday - Sunday) - adaptable to your family configuration

. Daily nutritious plant-based breakfast & lunch buffet

. L.I.F.E. program from Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM. This includes lunch and snacks for kids 

. Adults activities guided by the L.I.F.E. team 

. Unlimited access to Zūnya's ongoing signature programming 

. Secluded private beach bay access

. Unlimited access to sea kayaks 


* Please note that the program start and end times might change slightly. We will confirm the final time closer to the date. 

Dates options

.  July 16th -  July 23rd

. July 23rd - July 30th

. July  30th - August 6th


* Starting dates are fixed to fit the program. You can choose to come for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

* We offer a local package at $199 per week per kid


The collective at Zūnya offers a variety of services that you will have the possibility to experience during your visit at an additional cost:

. Personal or family photoshoot 

. Bikes location

. Surfboards location

. Biomagnetism

. Reiki healing

. Sound healing 

. Breathwork 

. Massages

. Zipline

. Boat ride

. Horseback riding 

And more...

About Zūnya

Upon arrival, you will be immersed in a 33 hectares untouched jungle sanctuary. Located on the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and in a small village called Malpais, Zunya is north of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and south of Santa Teresa. 

Known for its spectacular beaches, bordered by the crystal waters of the Pacific Ocean on one end, and by a covey of jungle-covered hills on the other, this small town is a natural haven for all. Rich in biodiversity, the region’s unique wildlife is another allure for visitors to enjoy.

Zūnya is still at a very early stage of development. We would like to invite you to be a part of this incredible journey from the beginning in order to grow from and alongside you.

The food

Our food philosophy at Nula, Zūnya's kitchen, is centered around a plant-based lifestyle by inviting others to live a more conscious and healthy lifestyle and presenting new ways of treating our planet and our body. All this while creating delicious and beautiful dishes.  Nula is a sacred place for people to go and feel inspired about a meal; it is also a home for those who love Mother Nature and are deeply interested in caring for and protecting her. It's about feeling nourished, loving, and caring for yourself and others. Neighborhood farmers markets are the inspiration behind each plate and local gardens can bring something collectively to the table. 

* Breakfast is included in your stay

What’s the schedule? 

The program runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm. Monday’s are registration days. Please come to the front desk at 9:00 am to register your child. 

We will create a WhatsApp group with all the parents and teachers before the camp begins to send you any important information and to connect throughout the camp. 


What are the available dates? 

We have the option for families to join for 1, 2, or 3 weeks, you choose how long you want to stay. The check-in is on Sunday so you are all ready for the program that begins every morning.  Each week is unique and the longer you stay, the greater the experience will be for all of you. Starting dates are fixed to suit the kid's program:

Check-in July 16th - Check out July 23th 

Check-in July 23th - Check out July 30th

Check-in July 30th - Check out August 6th


What’s included? 

. Accommodation options are available according to your family's configuration.

. Daily nutritious plant-based breakfast and lunch buffet for parents.

. One closing dinner on Fridays.

. LIFE Kids and parents program

. Access to our ongoing programming, which includes daily morning movement classes and various activities throughout the day around sustainability, art, well-being, and a collective way of living.  


What are the accommodation options like? 

. The Bungalow is a suite with 2 bedrooms, ideal for big families. 

. The Ocean and Jungle Safari Tent have a king-size bed and a sofa that can turn into a bed as well. There is enough space in the room for a pack-n-play as well.

. The Superior Beehive Tents are conditioned with their own private bathroom and you can accommodate a King size bed or two Twin size beds.

. The Beehive and Glamping Tents have room for a King size bed or two Twin size beds, with a Shared bathroom. 


What to bring?

. 1 thermos (bottle) with water, marked with your child's name.

. 1 change of clothes that can get dirty

. Every day we will ask for a backpack or bag that includes: a full change of clothes: pants, shirt, socks, and underwear.

Sweater or sweatshirt, a raincoat or rain-proof jacket, and rain boots. 

. On Fridays, we ask that you pack a swimsuit and a change of clothes that can get wet, and a towel.

. In general, for each day, we ask that you bring clothes that can get dirty or wet from paint stains

. We will specify the days when the use of paint or the possibility of getting dirty is greater so that you consider sending suitable clothing.

. Preferably, mark the clothes with a name (it can be on the label with the child's initials or similar).

. We ask you not to bring toys or sweets, here we will have many toys and a delicious and nutritious menu daily. 

. The most important: presence, magic, and love!


Are the kid's classes in Spanish or English? 

The facilitators are bilingual so it is possible to receive children who speak both Spanish and English.


As a regenerative place, I know that the room doesn´t include hot water, but I'm not sure my toddler and baby would like it. What can I do in this case? 

Some of our safari tents have hot water, we can reserve one of these for you and your family. Also, one of the outside showers has a hot water option.  


The program only includes breakfast and lunch. What can we do for dinner time? 

Yes, we are not including dinner (except for 1 night). We realized people also needed some space outside the program. So you can explore the magnificent options we have as the nearby village is well known as an international gastronomy cradle. This is like 3kms away, a 15min drive. You can take a taxi and also you can rent a car if you want to have more freedom. We can guide you to the local shop for snacks and fruit, so you can also cook your own food, or plan a communal dinner with other parents in our shared communal kitchen. Besides, all the safari tents have a private kitchenette to have your meals in your room too. 


How do I get to Zunya? 

There is a flight to Tambor. Sansa and Greenairways fly from SJO to Tambor, this is a 20min flight, super fun. You can also rent a car and drive (5-6h approx taking the ferry). 


How can I pay? 

Once you have the dates, and amount of participants and select a room option, we send you the payment link with your specific quotation. We do request the payment upfront because we have limited rooms and many people that want to join. 

What are the cancellation policies? 

Cancellations and full refunds are permitted at no cost up to 45 days before the check-in date.