Season Theme: Horizons
This season we honour the essential curiosity of creation, and go beyond…  
December 16 2022 - April 16 2023 | Malpais, Costa Rica

There is a vast universe of infinite possibilities awaiting to be discovered, to be realised, to be acknowledged and we shall honor the essential curiosity of creation to go beyond… 

- J.P Carse
The theme

This season we consolidate, establish and share the principles and the values that compose this new regenerative way of life

This season, we invite everyone to be more courageous, open, and humble; to dare and be bold, and to experiment and explore new and old traditions. 

This season, we’re extending an invitation to everyone who’s looking to celebrate each moment with abundant joy and want to dance more, to sing more, to co-create & play more, and to emanate profound joy in a more natural state.

This season we pay tribute to our ancestors and all those that came before us. We honour their pain, their sacrifices and the immense Love that they all shared for the continuation of life on this beautiful planet. 

This season we share all that we have learned, all the wisdom that we have integrated over the last years, the space where our past, present and future all intersect in the Deep Now.


* We only ask for a 3-night minimum stay for our guests to fully embrace the Zūnya experience (6-night recommended).
Our residents

Partnering with inspiring visionaries experts in different fields, all authentic beings committed to raising conscious awareness and making this world a better place

Those that are leading the path towards the regeneration of our way of being, developing unique immersive experiences and workshops that revolve around Art, Music, Movement, Celebration, Collective and Self-expression. 

- Nicole Arcuschin, Photographer | Dec 13 - 25 

- Angelina Inkiri| Dec 13 - 25 

- Duddha Musician| Dec 16 - April 16 

- Marek, Light Artist | Dec 19 - Jan 2

- Aluna, Musician| Dec 26 - Jan 2 

- Castello, Musician | Dec 26 - Jan 9

- Fedor Elutine, Theatrical Productions | Dec 27 - Jan 15

- Karo Maro, Photographer | Dec 27 - March 27

- Mahfoud, Musician | Dec 30 - Jan 15

- Nick, Primal Movement  | Jan 5 - 17

- Rhye, Musician | Jan 17 - 29

- Leo Prakash, Musician | Jan 31 - Feb 14

- J. Pool, Musician | Jan 31 - Feb 21

- Alchemy, The Art of Rewire | Feb 1 - 26

- RIMA Experiences  | Feb 27 - April 17

And more...

The Pillars

The composition of the summer rotates around three axes:

(Based on the Book Recapture the Rapture by Jamie Wheal) 


. Inspiration | Ecstasis 

. Connection | Communitas 

. Healing | Catharsis 


These are the moments that offer us a glimpse into our infinite potential. They are those experiences and moments,  when we stop believing and we begin to know, we realize. They are also known as peak experiences which provide 4 strategic feelings of what is known as S.T.E.R (Selflessness, Timelessness, Effortlessness, Richness).

. Surf

. Primal movement

. Martial Arts

. Apnea (NEW)

. Slackline

. Poetry & Art workshops 

. Theatrical performances (NEW)

. Immersive Art experience (NEW)


Creating the conditions for us to weep, worship, laugh, play, create, serve and celebrate together is key. As we all bear witness of the beautiful crazy ride that this human experience is all about.

. Music & Dance

. Chanting & Jamming 

. Play through games

. Workshops & talks 

. Sunset sessions

. The Zunya Light Out experience (NEW)

. Explorations

. Kids workshops

. Concert

. Open forums


The realisation of our infinite potential, which allows us to create and to transform, to expand and to discover. We need to heal our past first, to acknowledge it, to accept it and make peace with it, to replace our old belief systems based on blind fate, with the realization of who we truly are So that we can build a more generous, joyful, playful and peaceful future.  

. Yoga

. Meditation

. Vision Quest (NEW)

. Breathwork

. KAP (Kundalini Activation)

. Ice Bath 

. Ceremonies

. Bath in nature

. Sexuality workshops (NEW)

. Beach cleanups & community events