Enamor-arte by Zūnya
Life is a celebration of love.
February 12 - 19 2023 | Malpais, Costa Rica
Life is a celebration of love. After all, love is the all-encompassing, selfless force that breathes meaning and gives shape to everything in existence.

Enamor-arte is a "themed week" evolving around Love with daily activities and 4 special experiences. 

The artists

Lemurian | Musician

Vandana Hart | Dancer 

Cheyenne Sapphire| Tantric Movement

Rafaëlle Cohen | Experiential artist

J.Pool | Musician

Ignus Kyma | Musician

Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche | Monk

Arula | Musician

Alex Hentze | Musician

Duddha | Musician

Alex Serra | Musician

The themes

. Presence

. Courage

. Play

. Intimacy

. Celebration

The experiences

. Dance & Movement

. Sound bath

. Meditation

. Poetry

. Talk & conversations

. Live concert 

. Primal movement

. Ice-bath

. Mindful cooking

. Celebration & Immersive experience

Join us to explore and create an ecology of love.
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Enamor-arte by Zūnya

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