Bhakti-Vinyasa 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
A 21-day immersion of heart centred yoga to connect you home to your divine nature from the inside-out.
June 4 - 24 2022 | Malpais, Costa Rica

We are excited to host Grace Cecilio and Annabelle Dent in leading their Bhakti Vinyasa 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Zūnya. 

The Bhakti Path is where heart-centered yoga connects you back to your divine nature from the inside out.

Bhakti Yoga is the journey of the heart. Through devotion to practice and the use of mantras, we remember the interconnectedness between ourselves, nature, and one another.

In our Vinyasa practice, we flow through the elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether. This becomes a blueprint of how we understand our unique bodies and our inner worlds, helping us build an awareness of what is, grounding us deeper into who we are. This is embodied presence.

When we connect to the presence within we raise our vibration, and the way we move in the world around us transforms. As within, so without. 

It is said, the longest journey one will take is from one’s head to one’s heart.

​Embark on your path. 


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Your Teachers

Grace Cecilio is a yoga & meditation teacher, travel enthusiast, and heart-centered guide.From a classroom teacher to guiding yoga to sharing travel, Grace recognizes the value of learning in the “real world”. She absolutely loves to travel, having visited over 25 countries in her lifetime. Travel gives her the opportunity to look beyond the bubble she lives in, beyond the day-to-day grind.


The combination of Grace’s mindful yogic practices + her passion for traveling inspired her heart to curate unique travel yoga retreats. With every experience, there is space to uncover wondrous new lands, as well as the truth that resides within.


Annabelle Dent has studied with some some incredibly renowned yoga teachers across the world, she pilgrimed through India engaging in deep self study. Over the years, Annabelle’s explorations of yoga have brought her back to herself again and again. Originally from the UK, she has since taught in yoga studios, private classes, workshops, courses and retreats internationally. She now resides in the jungle in Costa Rica, with the intention to deepen her connection to self, the divine and the natural world around her. Ultimately, this is her mission, to inspire others in this same way, thanks to the weaving of Tantric teachings with Bhakti yoga. 


While practicing with Annabelle, you will experience the art of conscious embodiment. Her practices are dynamic, with an immense focus on presence, meditation in motion, experienced through the union of breath and body.