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Yoga with Karen Love
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We notice that on your website you capitalize ‘our’ when expressing ‘our world’. We found this impactful and interesting. Why did you feel the need to do this?


Because this world and this life is a gift; it is ours for a moment in time to experience. The Earth does not belong to one single person - it is not mine, it is not yours - but it is ours for a moment. As a family. The human race. A collective here, sharing; sharing this same sky. This same sun. Sharing the moon. Sharing the wind and the air that we breathe. No matter who you are, from a cleaner to a CEO, from the richest and famous to the holiest sat guru, we are all sharing this human experience and I think there is something so humbling and unifying about that. 


What style of yoga do you teach, and why? There are so many voices now in the yoga world; how would you characterize yours?


I teach Bhakti vinyasa yoga and also yin yoga. I teach because I believe that it is integral to my life’s purpose: to embody the yogic lifestyle to the best of my ability, and share this with as many people as possible. I believe that my teaching voice is characterised through its heart-centredness, and by my profound sense of purpose to help others heal through yoga.

What does it mean, to you, to be a searcher or a ‘seeker’?


I feel that I am a student rather than a seeker, because the more I have searched and sought outwards, the more I have appreciated what already resides within me. However, I would characterise a seeker as someone who gets lost in order to find themselves. Someone who strives to live life to the fullest; to learn as much as they can, and not from textbooks, but from late night conversations under the stars; someone who heads off on new adventures, who climbs mountains, swims in rivers and gets lost in big cities with only a pocket map and an eager heart.


What is Om and Love?


Om and love is the name of my brand - it’s an umbrella term, as and the various products I design are underneath that brand. For instance, the Om and Love bracelets, Om and love t-shirts, om and love stickers, etc. 

I share my yoga offerings under this brand name too: online courses and private sessions and live video classes. 

The om and love bracelets were the first offerings I created, and are wrap bracelets with an individual affirmation that represents a chakra and/or an area of life. Each bracelet has a different color and an affirmation. When you put your bracelet on, with each wrap of the bracelet, you repeat to yourself the affirmation. This helps to infuse the meaning and re-affirm the qualities that you hold inside of you. Each bracelet made with love in nature, each one special and unique and beautiful (just like you) 

Om and Love is more than just the products, though. It is my heart souls essence and brand: a way of living, a tribe and a way of being, Peace and love, for the wander the gypsy the surfer the yogi as shared paths and friendships formed, to inspire hope, to inspire Possibility and to inspire life, to know you are not alone and you can do anything and also bringing a lil bit of Colour the world.

The word Zunya means Zero in Sanskrit. What does that concept mean to you?


The concept of Zero suggests the notion that we all start at zero, with no one ahead and no one behind - all of us equal, and all here for a reason. We all have a sacred gift and super power that we have been blessed with, and I believe what we are here to do is to share that, fiercely and with passion. I also see the zero as a circle and the circle of life.


What are your core values in life? What are the values/ideals you strive for?


For me it’s very simple.

Love, love as much as you can. Do your best to follow your heart and follow your dreams. Hug someone who needs it. Look each other in the eyes. Include those who feel left out. Be the voice for those who feel voiceless. Believe in yourself and don’t compare yourself to anyone.