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Quiet interpretations of a life at Zunya - PILOT I
2 minute read

Words bu Camilla Perez

Video by Carlos Oberhausser

In the beginning, there was stillness. 

Nature’s sounds and symphonies meet with quiet footsteps, deep breaths, and laughter. That, combined with the smell of fresh coffee and collective meals, is how we started to evolve from a hopeful dream into a tangible reality. 

Built from the ground up, through nature and because of nature, we slowly become an oasis for souls looking to engage and exchange energy in different ways - with themselves, nature, and others. 

Here is a small piece of everyone and everything who helps transform Zunya into what it is today. From the lively building crew to the collaborators who have gathered around a metaphorical fire to bring something new to the table. From the sweeping ocean waves to the rain that cleanses everything it touches and re-generates life. From the animals and unexpected wild visitors who remind us that this land was theirs in the beginning, and it will continue to be theirs even after we’ve arrived.  

These quick snippets of our life come together to paint a bigger picture: one of living and leading by example. One who’s desire it is to instill change - both small and big - and to set about a process of re-learning and re-shaping our present reality. 

A life guided by five core values that imprint themselves in everything that we do: radical honesty, profound humbleness, eternal gratitude, infinite courage, and boundless compassion. 

We don’t exist without one or the other, and they don’t exist without us. 

This is how we start, and how we will continue to flourish, from the very beginning.