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The Beach Bungalows
The Two Bedroom Jungle Bungalow
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Two king bedrooms with two bathrooms, a terrace, a living room and kitchen
Located in the jungle, on the beachside of the land. 


Located on the beachside of the property, with beachfront access, our 130 sqm double Bungalow is  inspired by the shape of leaves and seashells. They are designed by Alberto Kalach to create intimate and comfortable living spaces that embrace the whole of the forest, using thermodynamic design, water captivation and recycling systems.

Our bungalows are fully-equipped with unique furniture, inner showers, a bathtub, kitchen, living room, porch, floor to ceiling windows and double-height ceilings. 


They also have a water captivation system, located on the back, to capture the water from the rain which is purified  and then used for the shower, sink, and toilets. The wastewater goes then into a treatment plant and then goes into a constructed wetland. Finally, the water goes into the irrigation system in the landscape and is used by the existing vegetation. The storage tanks have been calculated to provide water for 1 month with no rainfall under an average consumption. This scheme allows us to run our water demands off the grid along the whole year utilising the rainfall. 


Additional amenities include unlimited access to our Zūnya signature programming, daily plant-based breakfast à la carte from Nula Kitchen and sustainable eco-friendly shampoo, soap and conditioner.