Zūnya is a collective of creatives, adventurers, teachers, designers, architects, artists, and leaders working together towards the common goal of co-creating a new way of life.
Our People

Diego Dosal Stieglitz

One of the co-founders of Zūnya, Diego is one of the visionaries behind the development of this Regenerative Living Method. He is also in the constant quest of being his most true,  honest and authentic self.  He is in love and deeply committed to his family, husband of Karlita and father of Lukai. 

Currently delving into the process of conscious fatherhood, learning how to be of service to his family as he accepts  the challenges that come with such responsibility by discovering  ways to bring all his acquired wisdom and personal practice into the intersection of parenting whike trying to find the balance and focus his attention with intention to raise a conscious child. 

He is also a co-founder of Grupo Arca, the largest stone and sustainable wood wholesaler and retailer in Latin America, and of ConstruTech, a company that specializes in construction finishing and tech infrastructure deployment. 

Diego now dedicates his time and energy to the creation of a new way of life by hosting workshops and experiences that revolve around the creation of  a more harmonious way of being in a spiritual, economical, environmental and social way.


Flaviu Rus

One of the co-founders of Zūnya, Flaviu is an outlier, successful entrepreneur, hands-on pioneer, doer, loving husband, and devoted father to Kara. Flaviu oversees all aspects of business strategy and investment.


An inspiring, receptive, and trustworthy leader, Flaviu is always open to new ideas and has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in the digital space. Before starting Zunya, Flaviu bootstrapped 2 technology companies. He sold the first one and partially exited the second one. 

Community Builder & Conscious Living Leader

Romina Tello

The vision of a more conscious and compassionate world is what inspires Romina’s current position as a Regenerative Initiatives Consultant within the Collective.

A citizen of the world with Mexican blood, Romina has moved between continents pursuing her passions: travel, nature adventures, and sustainable development. After graduating in Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism from Glion, Switzerland, she headed to Abu Dhabi to manage the Food & Beverage Department of the Millennium & Copthorne Hotel. Her desire to connect with nature and build a business with a social impact pointed her towards the small and wondrous Mauritius Island. With her partner, she co-founded a sustainable travel company that trained small tourism businesses in regenerative practices and curated immersive experiences to help travelers discover the islands in the Indian Ocean deeply and respectfully. After five years, Zunya and Costa Rica attracted Romina to continue learning and building regenerative living projects.

Creative Director

Valentine Dreyfus

A visionary, rebel, conscious warrior, and creator, Valentine is the mind behind Zūnya’s aesthetic and voice.

Originally from Paris and now based in Costa Rica, Valentine is a creative leader. She has the unique gift of bringing structure and adding value to the creative process and is an inspiration to others. She has 7+ years of experience in hospitality management and business administration, with a strong focus on branding and marketing. In the past, she has collaborated with The Mark Hotel in New York and Selina’s Panama branch. 

Financial Architect

Dylan Finch

A natural logistician who has helped various projects come to life, Dylan brings his experience in financial and organizational advisory to Zunya.

Passionate about nature, wildlife, travel, sports, and the greater meaning of life, connectedness to nature is a core value for Dylan. With + 8 years in finance, Dylan has spent a large portion of his career in Investment Banking and Private Equity. He has a deep passion to work with entrepreneurs to help scale their vision, investing his energy and expertise into projects to create a positive impact.

Creative Chef

Carla Blokesch

The creative culinary mind behind Nula Plant Based Kitchen, Karla is a peaceful, generous, and inspiring woman from Czechia. 

Loving and supportive fiancé of Diego Dosal, Karla is passionate about food. She creates from a place of love and with the goal to inspire a plant based way of life. She studied vegan cooking in Mexico and opened Nula, Zūnya’s first restaurant, in December 2020.

Photographer & Director

Charlie Hauser

A passionate surfer and content creator, Charlie is an infinite source of growth and imagination. He is documenting the Zunya co-creation process.

A photographer and filmmaker, he studied cinema in Mexico City before deciding to travel the world with the purpose of improving his passion and creativity. Charlie is also the force behind Zéro Visual Studio, which creates content for conscious brands around the world.

Head of Connections

Lyah Cruz

Dani is a free spirit soul, always ready for the next adventure, committed to her personal growth and passionate about surfing, painting and nature. As Head of Connections, she infuses her sales expertise with a wholehearted approach to co-create magic and long term relationships.

Born and raised in Mexico, Daniela dedicated the first 10 years of her career in the traditional corporate world. She had the opportunity to work for The Walt Disney Company for 8 years where she developed her strategic mind, a drive to exceed goals, that dreaming should not stop after childhood and to make every guest encounter an experience. Four years ago she decided to step out of the box and left everything behind to immerse herself in a life changing adventure that started in Thailand and ended in Bali where she lived for 3 years. That’s where she had the chance to expand her mind, deeply connect with yoga and meditation and developed a more holistic approach to life. She  worked for one of the biggest yoga studios in Bali and learned how to surf.  She has a natural skill to adapt and constantly seeks to be out of her comfort zone.  

Head of Marketing

Diego Ortiz

Mexican photographer, entrepreneur and creator, Diego is a multi-talented human being merging his analytic mind to our creative team.

Diego co-created a brand called Bamboo Life focused on sustainable products. He carries a deep value in storytelling and in helping people carry out their message. He thrives in content and marketing with a strong base on analytics. He is always focused on the balance in life, what truly matters in our day to day. Life is Fleeting. 


Alberto Kalach

Founder of TAX Studio, Alberto is in charge of designing the Zunya Master Plan, as well as the Bungalows, Serpiente, and Reception.

Alberto, also known as the Master, is recognized as one of the most talented architects in Latin America. He has earned his reputation through a unique trajectory of more than 30 years. He has experience both in the private and public sectors and has designed icons and landmarks in Mexico and around the world. Alberto agreed to collaborate in the design of the Master Plan and some of the main pavilions. These designs are based on the regenerative landscape and hydrological studies that serve as the foundation for the development of Zunya, our first Maan-made Ecosystem.


Diego Rivero Borell

Diego is the founder of TANAT, an architecture, art, and research studio based in Mexico City. He is currently designing Zunya’s Yoga Shala, Forest Gym, Game Room, and Restaurant.

Diego’s work is focused on imagining ways to re-signify the symbolic relationship between oneself and one’s time and context. At the moment, Diego is working on architecture projects for different cities in Mexico and Spain.


Salvador Macías and Magui Peredo

The Mango Cabins are being designed by a couple from Guadalajara: Salvador Macías and Magui Peredo. They are often compared to the legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragán. Together, they founded Estudio Macías Peredo.

This talented couple has the capacity to transform architectural ideas into cozy living spaces. They have extensive experience designing homes and hotels in Mexico and around the world. Since starting Estudio Macías Peredo, they have presented numerous lectures and forums on their professional practice in different universities in Mexico and abroad. They won second place in the competition for the Mexico Pavilion for the Shanghai World Expo 2010, and first place in Pabellón Eco 2013 in Mexico City.

Creative Partners

Cantera Estudio

In charge of the creation and development of Zunya’s visual identity, Cantera Studio brings together 40 experts in different disciplines to conceptualize, design, and develop effective and impactful proposals in branding, digital media, and marketing.

Cantera Estudio was created in 2013 by Samuel Alazraki in Mexico City. Widely recognized for its workshops and exhibitions, Cantera Estudio is a design leader in Central America and has served clients in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Spain, and Mexico.


Diego Yturbe

Director and Founder of Once-11 Architectura, Diego is the creative mind behind our future Wellness Pavilion and Beach Shack.

Born in Mexico City, Diego has 20 years of professional experience working in various fields of engineering, architecture, and art. He has worked in the construction, development, and promotion of social and residential housing, urban planning, landscaping, interior, and furniture design projects. He has collaborated with ICA Construcción Urbana, ViveICA, Higuera y Sanchez (now Jsa), Arq. Alejandro Dacosta, and Arq. Augusto Alvarez. He co-founded Casas MaxHome in 2010 and Once-11 Arquitectura in 2011.

And more:
Reservations, Retreats & Admin
Camila Apéstegui
Set up & Security
Henry Reyes
Landscape Design
Jose Luis Angulo
Programming, Venues, Creative Residency
Kaya Martinez
Security and Support
Charly Castrillo
Housekeeping Manager
Ericka Guzmán
Housekeeping Attendant
Stephanie Gaitan
Housekeeping Attendant
Yamileth Gonzalez
Maintenance leader
Carlos Flores
Esteban Ocampo
Gardening & Waste Management
Samuel Gonzalez
Gardening & Waste Management
Freddy Gonzalez
Insaaf Kamedien
Sustainability Intern
Ana Lucía