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A glimpse into Zunya

Zunya is all about the process. At the moment, this experience is shared at our humble Casitas. We prioritize simplicity to allow our inner spirit to flourish, and focus on what matters. Immerse yourself in a world of possibility. Join us alongside a team of passionate souls from around the world for a look at what we’re building. "A Glimpse into Zunya" gives you unlimited access to all activities and wellness sessions available - as well as meals - so you can focus on reconnecting with yourself, others, and nature.

There are more details about everything that makes up A Glimpse Into Zunya experience on our what’s included page.

Minimum 4 nights. Breakfast and lunch are included (except for Sunday).
Just a room

Feel at home at Zunya, consider it your refuge. While you rest your mind and body, find ways to just be. Enjoy Zunya’s stillness and silence. Enjoy nature, music and meditating at your own pace. Learn and assimilate. Encounter, discover and engage in ways that you may not experience back home.

Minimum 2 nights. Breakfast included (except for Sunday).
Upcoming experiences

Curating experiences that inspires humans to become co-creators of our own existence while learning how to master our senses and embrace our emotions allowing our energy to flow freely into an active state of conscious awareness.