Transitions V by Zūnya
An experience combining a series of ancestral practices, modern knowledge, psycho-magic, experiential learning, embodiment, and rites of passage
July 30 - August 7 2023 | Malpais, Costa Rica
Transitions is a life changing “Transformational Experience” sustained by a Regenerative Living Method, one that has been designed to catalyze profound growth and positive transformation in the individual as well as in the collective.
The overview

Most of us are waging a war with the outside world. The dissonance, destruction, separation, and disconnection that we experience in the world are simply a reflection of our internal state of being.

The war to end all wars is the one that we are all fighting for our own human heart. Most of us are split, wounded, and deeply hurt. We experience life through the limited perspective of our belief systems, society, culture, and centuries of domestication that have brought us to the current state of humanity.

We've lost the connection with ourselves, with others, and with nature.

This journey seeks to create the conditions for individuals to realize that there is a force within waiting to be acknowledged, harnessed, and expressed. An inner force that has the power to burn the veils of delusion that keep us separate from our true essence, from everyone and everything around us.

It is a methodology that combines a series of ancestral practices, modern knowledge, psycho-magic, experiential learning, embodiment, and rites of passage with the intention to create the conditions for you to receive and integrate the tools of wisdom necessary for you to reclaim your sovereignty and navigate through life with more grace.

It's a process of unlearning and relearning the basic foundations that sustain the beauty of our human experience on this planet, to become aware of the different forces that are in play and how they impact your life.To let go of all those masks and the need to pretend to be something that you are not.

A process that will allow you to transcend the limitations that are holding you back, only to discover where your limits are not.

To be authentic, to be honest, to be real.

Breaking down the anatomy of the human experience in a simple way, in order to start working holistically with your entire bodies, from the subtle to the dense, following the universal principles of creation.

You are so much more than what you've been taught.

Now, the question remains: 

Are you ready to transition from the old version of yourself and into the new? 

Or do you want to remain at the expense of all the domestication and indoctrination that has  been imposed upon you…

The program

. The Art of connection 

. We the Universe 

. The Method Finite vs. Infinite 

. The Dual Existence 

. The Cycles of life 

. The Anatomy of the human experience

. The Anatomy of an idea

. The Power of Word 

. The Anatomy of the Mind 

. ShadowToGold, healing our wounds from the past 

. The Physical body 

. Silence, fasting and the portals (rites of passage that will expand the limits of your perception)

The Tools

. Meditation

. Journaling

. Actualization

. Breathwork

. Practice by Primal Moves Ibiza

. Rites of passage (portals) to break free from our fears 

. Deep questioning and connection

. Step out of your comfort zone

. Challenges from the subtle and into the dense

. Loving kindness, empathy and compassion 


You will be tested and invited to transcend your own limitations...
The schedule

. Sunday: 

Arrivals & welcome dinner

. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:

5 am till 10 am - Daily Practices 

10 am till 3 pm - Brunch & free time 

3 pm till 6 pm - Workshops, portals & experiences

. Friday: 

Shadow work all day

. Saturday & Sunday: 

5 am till 10 am - Daily Practices 

10 am till 3 pm - Brunch & free time 

3 pm till 6 pm - Workshops, portals & experiences

. Monday: 

Goodbyes & departures

What you will gain

. A comprehensive understanding of why we behave and feel the way we do

. Powerful techniques that enable you to push beyond your current limitations and transcend them

. A powerful community with individuals from all over the world

. Discipline for yourself through exercise and body movement

. Reach your best/higher self with the support of our community

. Tools of that will allow you to navigate through the cycles life with more grace

. Your independence as a sovereign being, allowing you to connect with your inner most authenticity

Your facilitators

Diego Dosal 

The week is led by Diego Dosal. One of the co-founders of Zūnya, Diego is one of the visionaries behind the development of this Regenerative Living Method. He is also in the constant quest of being his most true,  honest and authentic self.  He is in love and deeply committed to his family, husband of Karlita and father of Lukai. 

Currently delving into the process of conscious fatherhood, learning how to be of service to his family as he accepts  the challenges that come with such responsibility by discovering  ways to bring all his acquired wisdom and personal practice into the intersection of parenting while trying to find the balance and focus his attention with intention to raise a conscious child. 

Diego now dedicates his time and energy to the creation of a new way of life by hosting workshops and experiences that revolve around the creation of  a more harmonious way of being in a spiritual, economical, environmental and social way.


Stefan Herman

Stefan Hermann, a German born futurist, author, and social entrepreneur who has resided for the past 2 decades in Santa Barbara, California, and previously spent 4 years in Pune, India. He has led hundreds of weekends across the globe and received the “Ron Hering Award” for exceptional leadership in 2004. 

His work, ShadowToGold, comes highly recommended by over 400 participants over the past 4 years in Mexico and all over India alone; amongst them are renowned therapists Rashna Imhasly (Mumbai), Pilar Cordero (Mexico City), and Gloria Burrett (New Delhi), all graduates of ShadowToGold  who vouch for the quality of the program.

Additionally, Stefan founded his more-than-for-profit organization GenDerations Mentoring ( to support communities in mentoring their youth, both boys and girls, into healthy, mature adulthood. He has taken this work to South Africa, Europe, Mexico, and now India. His work was scientifically evaluated by Dr. Sadhana Natu, head of the Psychology Department at the University of Pune.


Tori Famuyiwa from Primal Moves Ibiza

Tori Famuyiwa, is American born and raised in Nigeria, deeply rooted in the rich cultures and traditions of his African homeland. He spent the last 25 years in the US and is now currently traveling as a dynamic and passionate embodiment coach, wellness facilitator, energetic healer, and experience designer.

His journey to becoming a holistic practitioner began with a personal health crisis that led him to explore alternative healing modalities. Tori's dedication to his own healing journey eventually led him to become certified in multiple modalities, including yoga, primal movement, meditation, energy healing, and sound therapy.

Togther with Tori you will taken on a journey of empowerment to navigate and explore your true potential.


Juan Castañeda

Juan  is a high-performance adventurer, a motorcycle world explorer, a former national rugby player, a sports and physical activity enthusiast, a facilitator of elemental practices: fire walking and sweat lodge, ice immersions, breathwork, meditations, and emotional journeys.

Harmony between the body, mind, and spirit through exposure is the way he lives; living exposed to the elements and nature, being exposed to feelings and emotions in order to live exposed to everything, to live with an exposed heart.

For Juan, living limitlessly means discovering that the body gives more than the mind believes and constantly challenging oneself, trusting that everything is provided.

Included in your stay

. Accommodation for 8 nights

. Daily plant-based breakfast at Nula Kitchen

. The full Transition programming 

. A one-on-one integration session with Diego Dosal

. Unlimited access to the Zūnya Weekly Schedule

. Access to kayaks and paddling boards

About Zūnya

You will be immersed in a 33 hectares untouched jungle sanctuary. Zūnya is hidden away from prying eyes in the town of Malpais, a secluded spot on the southern tip of the Peninsula of Nicoya, the region is one of only five blue zones in the world. Malpais prides itself on its amazing surf and for its decadent mix of unspoiled beaches, private coves, waterfalls, and dense rainforests. The town of Malpais is the perfect hideaway, for those looking to discover an authentic Costa Rica. 

Zūnya is a growing regenerative system, a 2.0 version of an ecovillage, using tools such as arts, science, technology, sustainability, and spirituality to enhance our way of living, as we reconnect with nature, ourselves and each other. You will join a collective of individuals from various backgrounds and origins in the process of co-creating a new way of life. Your visit is an invitation to join the family and embark on this journey.

Frequently asked questions

What are the current entry requirements to Costa Rica? 

As the requirements are in constant evolution due to Covid-19, we invite you to visit the official website of the Costa Rica Tourism Board for up-to-date information.


How do I get to Zūnya from the San José and Liberia International Airports? 

There are several options to help you get to Zūnya which you can find on our paper.


What should I bring to Zūnya for my stay?

Please visit our Informative Booklet for more information on what to bring during your visit.


Do you have a working area with a strong Wi-Fi connection (and how fast is it)?

Yes, we have a new space called El Núcleo, which offers access to fiber-optic internet, desks, and plugs located right on the beach.


Is the week family-friendly? 

The Transition experience is for adults only. However, Zūnya is a kid-friendly place so you can come with them. You will just need to find someone to watch over them during the activities of the journey. 

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Transitions V by Zūnya

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