COVID-19 Travel Update
The Safari tents

We are glad to announce that our first Luxury Safari Tent is ready! The first of seven, our goal is to complete this part of the project by the end of June. Making them our most luxurious living space, with canvas walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and triple ceiling insulation, our 42 sqm tent is made from unique fabrics and materials to offer maximum comfort. Designed with earthy tones that blend together with the dense forest of Costa Rica, our luxury tents are fully furnished using local wood, handmade by artisans from the area, and decorated with different tones of beige and cream to give guests a feeling of cleanliness. Built on a wooden platform, this accommodation is kind to the environment and adds a touch of warmth to the project. The tents are furnished with one king-size bed, a sofa bed, an indoor bathroom, a kitchenette and an office desk with a high-speed internet connection. This tent also includes a private terrace with a dining table. In an effort to create a positive impact, we have also implemented compostable toilets in our glamping tents. The compost we create will be used for enriching the soil of our garden and it will help us save water in the process: approximately 960 Lts/monthly per tent, for a total of 80,640 a year.

The orchard

After experimenting with our initial methodology, the first prototype version of our orchard didn’t work. As such, we have now gathered a lot of experience and learned from our mistakes. Moving forward, we have decided to change our Orchard strategy for Biointensive agriculture, “an organic agricultural system that focuses on achieving maximum yields from a minimum area of land, while simultaneously increasing biodiversity and sustaining the fertility of the soil”. This process will hopefully bring forward long-term sustainability. Our guests and other members of the collective have been helping us prepare the soil and the beds so they are ready to start growing our green compost. This will consist of legumes and “Sorgo”, which will grow and help fix nitrogen into the ground to create richer soil for our future harvests. We will continue to share the developments on this experiment as we figure out the best way to produce our own food within the land.

The Yoga Shala roof

A space for your practice. We’d like to take a moment to welcome you to the first of our soon-to-be three yoga shalas at Zūnya! Located in the heart of the jungle, and facing the sea, this beautiful wooden deck was hand-built by our team as a space to host workshops, classes, retreats and other valuable experiences.

The Glamping Tents

A new addition to Zūnya, these four glamping tents are an opportunity for guests to go back to basics and reconnect with nature in a more relaxed environment. With breathable canvas walls that intertwine seamlessly with the jungle landscape, these safe havens are just steps away from the beach and the ideal home base to take part in our weekly programming.

The orchard

The process of creating our orchard has been one of love, patience, and learning. The team has been preparing the soil through natural procedures, keeping in line with our philosophy of taking from the land as much as we can give back. We came together to learn and collaborate on this special process for the future growth and development of our orchard. Now, we are waiting for our baby vegetables to thrive in the greenhouse so we can continue to grow our orchard family.

The Studio

Zunya Studio is a photography / videography content production and picture printing lab allowing co-creation personal and professional projects between guests, collaborators and artists residents. Guests and collaborators have also the possibility of renting and using the studio equipment upon request. Zunya Studio main goal is to document the development of Zunya through the different perceptions of the Collective members.

The wood workshop

The WORKSHOP allows us to transform sustainable natural resources that are given to us by nature into Art. Working with our hands, using our creativity to mold our living spaces allows us to dive in deep into our present moment. We focus on building our present future every day...

The Casitas

Our Casitas are the remains of an old agricultural and cattle land operations base, humble wooden structures built more than 40 years ago. Our first goal as Zunya was to build our Base Camp, the laboratory that would allow us to go deep in the exploration and understanding of the land and its environment, the local community with its social and cultural factors, experiment with the challenges of living in community; test and develop our programming framework and have a proof of concept on our regenerative approach.