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Nula Plant Based Kitchen

Nula is our new vegan restaurant, a sacred place for people to go and feel inspired about a meal; it is also a home for those who love Mother Nature, and are deeply interested in caring for and protecting her. It’is about feeling nourished and loving and caring for yourself and others. Our meals are prepared with love, intent, and thrive off fresh ingredients. Neighborhood farmers markets are the inspiration behind each plate, and local gardens can bring something collectively to the table.

The yoga shala

Our new yoga sala is a space for rebirth and profound inspiration. With a platform made from fallen hardwood recovered by our team, our private wellness and yoga studio is immersed deep within the jungle, facing the vast tranquil to provide an escape for those who wish to use it. A moment of plenitude awaits as you reconnect with yourself in nature through quiet contemplation during our various wellness workshops, special events, classes.

Tierra - play, connect, create

Co-creating an ideal system for training and harmonizing our kids physical, mental and spiritual natures, we wish to establish “How-to-live” workshops wherein education will not confine it-self to intellectual development alone, but also training of the body, will and feelings. We will be hosting reading, writing, mathematics, English, Spanish classes and extracurricular sessions such as dance, yoga, permaculture, mindfulness, beach clean-up and more for kids between 3 and 11 years old… Because we believe in living and leading by example, we wish to create experiences that will empower our future generations to connect with themselves, others and nature.”

La Cocina

Our talented chef and holistic nutritionist members will show us the path to balanced healthy eating, full of unique and fresh flavors. Zunya provides a “Conscious food program” in order to consume less meat and dairy, and seek environmentally friendly alternatives. 

On this culinary journey, we will experience whole foods, consisting of a mostly plant-based style of eating. This, always aiming to produce healthy and sustainable meals that not only feed our members’ body, mind, and soul but also nourish the planet. Zunya is focused on unprocessed and purely organic food, and we’re continuously supporting locals farms and small-scale producers, offering a wide variety of flavors and high energetic plant-based and pescatarian meals.

The wood workshop

The wood workshop allows us to transform sustainable and natural resources - given to us by the land - into art. Working with our hands, and using our creativity to mold our living spaces, allows us to dive deep into our present moment. We focus on building our “present future” every day…

The studio

The Zunya Studio is a photography/videography, content production, and picture printing lab that allows for the co-creation of personal and professional projects between guests, collaborators, and artist residents. Guests and collaborators also have the possibility of renting and using the studio equipment upon request. The Zunya Studio’s main goal is to document the development of Zunya through the different perceptions of the Collective’s members.

The space

Our Casitas are the remains of an old agricultural and cattle land operations base. They are humble wooden structures built more than 40 years ago. Our first goal as Zunya was to build our basecamp: the laboratory that would allow us to go deep in the exploration and understanding of the land and its environment, the local community with its social and cultural factors, and experiment with the challenges of living in a community. It would be a space to test and develop our programming framework and have a proof of concept on our regenerative approach.