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Introduction Collaborators Program

The power of we is stronger than the power of one. When we join forces, we're capable of much more than we could have ever imagined. It is through coming together and respecting each others’ different gifts that we can co-create something bigger than ourselves.

If you resonate with the vision and wish to co-create with us please reach out.

Volunteer Program

We’re always on the lookout for new warriors and passionate souls that want to share their skills and learn through active participation in the co-creation of Zunya. It is all about the process: we are in a constant state of evolution and active collaboration, based on daily actions, thoughts, and knowledge. Diversity is always welcome!

Artist Residency Program

Residents who choose to join us at Zunya have the opportunity to develop their personal projects through collaboration and interdisciplinary learning. By connecting with members of the local community of Malpais, as well as acquiring new and important skills from the different fields of knowledge, chosen applicants can breathe new life into their work.

Zunya welcomes visionaries, artists, risk-takers, dream-makers, ground-breakers, truth-seekers, freedom-fighters, humanitarian-rockstars that are looking for a safe environment to share and deepen on their projects and practices.

Future Members Program
Coming soon