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Sunday, 16th Jan
Voice activation workshop with Leo Prakash
Concrete physical works to move genetic and psychological patterns in our body that are seen and heard in the voice as a reflection of the body.
The event

This is a concrete physical work to move genetic and psychological patterns in our body that are seen and heard in the voice as a reflection of the body. We will realize the great rupture that exists between the material world and the invisible world. How to reconnect with that void, that hole in our DNA?

We are catapulted into the visible and material world, and precisely from there we seek to get closer to what we feel, to the realities that do not belong to the physical world. We seek spirituality, worship, gods and teachers in an intellectual way and within some structure in order to “understand”. And in these disciplines and religions we spend our whole lives searching, with the illusion that we are connected with "it." The truth is that the ways to reach that invisible world and reconnect with those qualities is a mystery. It is from the mystery that we can enter, not from the mind and reason. It is from the heart, straight to the emotion, without owning the process, without a road map. From not knowing. The work of La Voz Humana invites and motivates us to realize, to go through, to go to those spaces. It invites us to regain power in our body and in ourselves through our own effort and will. To realize who we are, without anyone telling us, but by walking our own path, in which there is no need to follow anyone because we are realizing that we are unique and that we complement each other, sharing and creating. Each being his own teacher.

About Leo

Born in San Luis Potosí, but of Franco-Mexican origins, Leonardo grew up with a bicultural education and exposed to music since the age of 5. 

He studied classical guitar from the age of 10 to 14, when he moved to Punjab, India to finish his high school studies. There he discovered the Sitar, which from that moment became his priority in music. 

Returning from India, he went to live in the Riviera Maya, where he met Bogdan Djukic (violin) and Jesus Mejia (guitar). Together they created Bole, a musical project that led them to perform in Europe, the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

After receiving a scholarship for young creators from FONCA in 2013, Leonardo undertook PRAKASH, his solo project. In 2017, the same institution granted him a special support grant that allows him to record his first solo album in Madrid. 

Since then, PRAKASH has been a personal journey of reconnecting with music as something sacred; the desire to expand that connection by creating the space, the experience.

Leo's way

This is work that motivates us to realize the genetic dictatorships that rule our lives and to find ways to move around and get out of them. Finding new and freer versions of ourselves, opening ourselves to our highest potential. All this through a simple and deep exercise with the voice, as a reflection of our bodies. 

The human voice came into my life in a moment of crisis, in a moment in which all the techniques and formulas that had served me to grow and break patterns no longer fit, they were no longer at my service. They had become absurd obligations to be able to "be well." I had become dependent on doing to obtain and had forgotten my own nature. I felt that what had helped me not to drown in the past, prevented me in my present from going to the deepest corners of my being, to the darkest spaces, where I was not used to going. They were already like a life jacket. The voice, as a reflection of my body, first helped me to realize the armor that I had put on, armor that now ruled my life without my consent. It also helped me to realize the armor that I did not wear, those with which I came to this world: genetic, family and social inheritances that my body already came with. It also helped me to realize how all these physical, concrete and palpable structures have a direct relationship with the world of emotions. The human voice helped me to realize the importance of being aware, of being alert and not falling into these structures and getting out of everything that does not let me be who I really am.

If you want to know more, here is the page of Daniel Prieto, my teacher and pioneer of this work, with whom I have trained over the last seven years. 


Sunday, 16th Jan
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


2.5 km south from Playa Carmen-Mal Pais intersection
400 meters south from Indigo Hotel
Mal Pais, 60111
Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica