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New beginnings by Diego Dosal
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Speaking our truth could be one of the most healing medicines we can use.


As this ever-changing mystery we call life unfolds through our eternal present moment, we come to the realization that change is the only constant in this life; and, so, we learn how to let go of the things that don’t serve us. 

Speaking our truth could be one of the most healing medicines we can use. The first thing is to acknowledge that, for one reason or another, we allowed ourselves to be affected or influenced by external energies - which happens all the time. 

Every time we interact with someone else, we are open to the possibility of being affected by the vulnerability of our own process. This means that we can unconsciously be hurt or affected by other people’s thoughts or comments, and it can become a leak in our energy field. 

Since we are all energy, this exchange could have both a positive or a negative impact. Just like when someone gives you a compliment that can uplift you, they can also say something that brings you down. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an insult: it could happen unconsciously for both, the other not being aware that his energy is draining, and you not being aware that you receiving the "unconscious emotional poison" of others.

But we have to be consciously aware of this by observing our feelings. Sometimes we will realize it at the moment, and we can immediately speak our truth by letting the other person know how we feel. But, on many other occasions, the realization might come later. If we are aware of our own process, we will notice that, maybe, after a certain encounter with someone, we lose our ground or our balance. In cases like these, the first thing we must do is acknowledge that something changed inside of us, that there’s some type of block that’s keeping us out of balance. This can only be done by observing our feelings. 

Many times, this can reflect as anger, frustration, or a short fuse towards others, especially the people closest to us, as we have been unconsciously carrying the unconscious poison of others, and we unconsciously want to get rid of this poison also. The moment we become aware of it is when we start feeling it. A great tool to deal with these feelings is to write about them, express how we are experiencing this process, and share it with someone else. Sometimes we will realize the cause of this energy leak immediately, and other times we will just be aware of our negative feelings.

Either way, the goal is to let go of them. The sooner we identify with those emotions, the easier it becomes to let go of them as we integrate them into our experience by learning the lesson. Understanding what it was that affected us will help us become stronger and wiser. Sharing the truth with love and compassion will always help each other grow.

We need to be open to feedback, as sometimes it’s us that unconsciously release our emotional poison to others. So, being true to ourselves and to others will allow us to break free and help each other grow.

As the only way to grow is by accepting, integrating, and releasing, while having honest feedback from the people closest to us.

With love and gratitude,