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Learning, living and being by Diego Dosal
3 minute read

Understanding that we are all free, that we are all whole, that we are all individuals co-existing together in a universe which is composed of each one of us, as we are all One and part of a bigger whole.


As we continue to navigate through the uncharted waters of our own lives, and as we learn to surrender to what this beautiful universe has planned for us, the more we learn, the less we know. 

Opportunities for growth can be found everywhere, in the simplest of details, and in the most “ordinary” things. As, little by little, we train ourselves to discover the extraordinary perfection that unfolds around us, we realize that nothing is ordinary, and understand that we are all part of the miracle that is our existence. 

Every detail that surrounds us has, in itself, a wonderful story behind it. Billions of little details that conform the fabric of our existence: on every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, we could live in awe. We just have to be aware. We just have to be present. 

Training our mind, body, and spirit to melt into to the present moment, to become one with it, as everything that is and that is not, can only be found there, in that ever-changing spec. Melting into it could be the most powerful thing that can happen to us, but the process is long. Consistency and discipline are key to unlocking the true power of living in-presence, as it’s our daily practice and collective actions that strengthen us into learning how to co-exist in our eternal present moment.

We must understand that we are all free, that we are all whole, and that we are all individuals co-existing together in a universe that is composed of each one of us; we are all one, and we are all part of a bigger whole as well.

There is no you without me, and there is no me without you. There is no joy without pain, there is no light without darkness, there is no peace without war, and there is no success without failure. We are in the process of transcending these dualities as we activate our full potential by realizing that we are all one. That we are all God, but not the Godhead. We must have the capacity to not only understand this powerful realization, but also to honor it through our actions and the daily commitment to collectively working on ourselves, in order to become the very best version of “us” every single day.

The way is long and it is endless, as we can only exist in the eternal present moment. The path towards self-realization and divine interconnection can only exist through our daily actions. The secret is to train ourselves to become the engine that fuels this process by engaging in daily positive actions, living in a constant state of gratitude, living a more humble and simple life, helping and inspiring others, being pure and honest, being true to yourself, and having the courage to surrender to an active state of being.