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Co-creating "The seed" poem by Sophia
3 minute read

Words, and video by Sophia

Images by Nicolas Denis

Directing this piece was a very special and heartfelt experience for me. I drive myself to constantly live fully, and take action to inspire myself and my community in the most positive and productive way possible. The most challenging part of the process was to try and keep myself as awake as possible in order to flow harmoniously. I wanted to enjoy every step and element that went into its creation as we solved and puzzled its different pieces together.

The first script was written in a beautiful brainstorming session in which Diego, Flaviu and I concreted the message we wanted to portray. We mixed and matched our common feelings and philosophies while drawing inspiration from words shared by other members of the collective like Hector and Karla. It all suddenly clicked.

From there on, we collaborated with Detachment East, a well-known post-production and animation studio based out of London and Mexico City, and with which I have collaborated several times throughout my life. The artists that sketched and worked with me to bring the seed to life have a very unique sensibility. The studio’s Tepoztlan Hub is a beautiful organic place, where artists and filmmakers can work on their art while, at the same time, immerse themselves in a beautiful mountain town near Mexico City.

First, we storyboarded and created the graphic elements that would later transform into animated video. We used different 3D and digital techniques but also required frame by frame animation.

It was challenging to communicate with the whole team what I imagined the final piece would look like, especially because certain parts of the workflow simply cannot be rendered or visualized until the final stage. However, I am very grateful to have received so much support and trust from everyone in the team throughout the process, especially in those moments of uncertainty. I must say that I am elated to know that everyone on this incredible team feels very proud of how it came to be.

Once the animation process was completed, Hector and his team at MCO Studios - in Mexico City - created the sound design and composed the beautiful music that accompanies our text. This process was fun, but very technically challenging because we wanted to create a musical piece that organically merged with the sound design while, at the same time, could guide us on an epic and inspiring journey.

The completion of the piece took around two months. We worked all day, every day, to make sure it came to be.

I am overjoyed to finally be able to share it with everyone. I will cherish this creative process forever, and it will live on as a reminder of how co-creating art - and producing something through a collective experience - can transpire into an emotional and powerful message in the most beautiful way possible. This seed has been planted in all of us.